Singapore vs Tanzania: Muhammad Ashiq, Selemani Bangaiza fight at ‘SFC 8: Renegades of Fight’ in Singapore

Muhammad Ashiq, Selemani Bangaiza
Muhammad Ashiq, Selemani Bangaiza

Singapore Fighting Championship will hold “SFC 8: Renegades of Fight” at the Singapore Foochow Association in Singapore on September 28, 2019. There will be amateur and professional bouts in mixed martial arts, Muay Thai and boxing in the 10-bout fight card.

In the eight bout of the evening, “Mr. Fantastique” Muhammad Ashiq, 24,of Singapore will face Selemani Bangaiza, 20, of Tanzania. They will compete in a professional boxing bout in the featherweight division.

A well-experienced boxer, Bangaiza has conquered some uphill battles with strong and hard-to-beat opponents. He started his professional boxing career at the young age of 15 and has had a very impressive record of 15 wins and 6 losses from his debut.

On the other hand, Ashiq is not as experienced as Bangaiza. Training out of Juggernaut Fight Club in Singapore, he made a big impact with his record of 7 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw.

Six of Ashiq’s victories are from knockouts. With his signature body shots, the Singaporean boxer looks to hunt down another victory to go a step higher and become a household name in boxing.

It will be an extremely difficult 6-round boxing match for both Ashiq and Bangaiza. But it is bound to be a great fight to watch.

Two World Boxing Council titles on the line with “SFC 8: Renegades of Fight.” In the co-main event, Rey “The Future” Caitom, 33, of the Philippines will face Elias Nggenggo, 30, of Indonesia for the WBC Asian Boxing Council Minimum title in a 10-round contest.

In the main event, Nurshahidah “The Sniper” Roslie, 31, of Singapore will fight Fan Yin, 22, of Chengdu, Sichuan, China. They will compete for the vacant WBC Silver Female Super Bantamweight title.

Early bird tickets are at $45 at Juggernaut Fight Club in Singapore and other partnering gyms from August 23, 2019 to September 28, 2019 and tickets will be sold at $50 at the door during fight night. Meanwhile, here is a clip featuring Ashiq:

‘SFC 8: Renegades of Fight’ fight card: Nurshahidah Roslie vs Fan Yin, Rey Caitom Jr. vs Elias Nggenggo

'SFC 8: Renegades of Fight'

  • Promotion: Singapore Fighting Championship (SFC)
  • Title: “SFC 8: Renegades of Fight”
  • Venue: Foochow Building, Singapore
  • Date: September 28, 2019

Bout #


Sport/ Division/ Notes

Red Corner (Country)

Blue Corner (Country)


1 Joe Webb (Juggernaut FC, Singapore) Nathan Lieschke (Australia) Amateur MMA 3×3 min/ Catchweight 85kg / Rest time 1 min in between rounds
2 Ian Chue (Naksu Muay Thai, Singapore) Ling Kai Tze (Sharks Muay Thai, Malaysia) Catchweight 70kg/ Professional Muay Thai 3×3 min/ Rest time 1 min in between rounds
3 Ashraf Fauzi (Juggernaut FC, Singapore) TBA Catchweight 70kg/ Professional Mixed-Martial Arts 3×5 min/ Rest time 1 min in between rounds
4 Brandon Ng (Independent, Singapore) Murugan Silvarajoo (Malaysia) Catchweight 70kg/ Professional Muay Thai 3×3 min/ Rest time 1 min in between rounds
5 Kittipong Ho (KBX, Singapore) Hisyam Samsudin (Ewako MMA, Malaysia) TBA/ Pro Boxing 4×3 min/ Rest time 1 min in between rounds
6 Rafi Majid (Juggernaut FC, Singapore) Bambang Rusiadi (Indonesia) Super Middleweight/ Pro Boxing 6×3 min/ Rest time 1 min in between rounds
7 Orwa Issa (King Orwa Boxing Academy, Syria) Gusti El Nino (Indonesia) Lightweight


8 Muhammad Ashiq (Juggernaut Fight Club, Singapore) Selemani Bangaiza (Tanzania) Featherweight


Co-Main Event

9 Rey Caitom (Unbeatable Boxing, Philippines) Elias Nggenggo (Indonesia) Minimum Weight 48kg/ WBC Asian Boxing Council Minimumweight Title/ Pro Boxing 10×3 min/ Rest time 1 min in between rounds

Main Event

10 Nurshahidah Roslie (Juggernaut Fight Club, Singapore) Fan Yin (China)


WBC Silver Female Super Bantamweight Title/ Female Pro Boxing 10×2 min/ Rest time 1 min in between rounds


Wynn Neo crowned Singapore’s first ever WBC Muay Thai Featherweight National Champion at ‘SFC 7: Eight Limbs’

Wynn Neo (©David Ash)
Wynn Neo (©David Ash)

Singapore Fighting Championship held “SFC 7: Eight Limbs” at Juggernaut Fight Club in Singapore on June 29, 2019 with 13 bouts of mixed martial arts, boxing and Muay Thai. The World Boxing Council Muay Thai featherweight title lived up to the hype as Muse Fitness Gym’s Wynn Neo and Vanda Fit’s Vincent Chew met in a flurry of blows right from the bell in an equally exhilarating fight.

Neo nearly thrice threw his opponent over the ropes in his opening statement and remained dominant throughout the match. Chew, who went down in the fourth after taking a knee to the body, admitted that the WBC Muay Thai national featherweight champion’s aggression stifled his tactics.

“SFC 7: Eight Limbs” was also an impressive showcase of professional and amateur fighters. SFC continues to be the leading advocate for local fighters and a legitimate platform that elevates the level of combat sports in Singapore.

Singaporean fighters bossed the amateur category. But credit has to go to Indonesia’s MMA amateur fighter Ikrima Affan for his two reversals from the brink against Henry Yeo to deny Singapore a clean sweep.

Crowd favorite and Asia’s number one female boxer Nurshahidah “The Sniper” Roslie of Singapore did not disappoint by technically dominating the speedier Siriphon Chanbuala of Thailand. The Singaporean boxer had to wait for her TKO after her Thai opponent was saved by the bell in round four but the former promptly sealed her victory early in the fifth with her trusty body shot.

Muhammad “Mr Fantastique”Ashiq of Singapore breezed to a second round TKO against Yotchanchai Yakaeo of Thailand. The Thai contender left himself too open and the Singaporean fighter obliged with a few left uppercuts, some body shots and a hard right to down the Thai veteran at the end of round one.

The WBC International Silver Super Bantamweight champion turned up the heat in round two and wrapped up the match with another lethal combination. Meanwhile, watch all the “SFC 7: Eight Limbs” bouts here:

Brandon Ng is Singapore’s first ever WBC Muay Thai Welterweight National Champions at ‘SFC 7: Eight Limbs’

Brandon Ng  (©Singapore Fighting Championship)
Brandon Ng (©Singapore Fighting Championship)

Singapore Fighting Championship made history on its seventh installment at Juggernaut Fight Club in Singapore on June 29, 2019. Featuring 13 intense bouts of mixed martial arts, boxing and Muay Thai, “SFC 7: Eight Limbs” culminated in the crowning of the country’s first-ever national Muay Thai champions.

Independent fighter Brandon Ng, 25, became Singapore’s first professional World Boxing Council Muay Thai Welterweight Champion. He won via unanimous decision over Andre Seah, 27, of Vanda Fit Gym in a no-holds-barred showdown.

A fighter who turned professional on a 16-1 amateur record, Seah started strong but his opponent drew on his 50-plus fight experience to level the round. Alert to the challenge that stood with eight limbs before him, Ng edged the second with a hard-earned clinch toss and a hard kick to the body.

In the third round, Ng toppled Seah again using his opponent’s momentum of wild swings against him. The Vanda Vanda Fit Gym athlete came back strong in the next round and Ng barely evaded a head kick.

Seah also very nearly caught Ng with a spinning elbow. In the fifth round, the former was buoyed by his latest efforts as he continued firing but it proved too little, too late as Ng became the country’s first WBC Muay Thai national champion on a unanimous decision.

“It was a good fight,” Ng said. “I am extremely happy that I won this fight. It was a very important fight because it is in Singapore.”

“I rarely get to fight in Singapore,” the newly crowned WBC Muay Thai Welterweight Champion said. “So I wanted to make the most out of this opportunity to showcase my skills and what I can do in the ring.”

In the other professional fights, Orwa Issa of Syria kept focus on the target his opponent’s nifty footwork to win his first professional fight. Amanda Chan of Juggernaut Fight Club claimed a hard-fought unanimous win in the fourth professional bout.

Rey Caitom Jr., 33, of the Philippines extended his 8-0-1 unbeaten run with a boxing masterclass wearing down his opponent to create openings for the knock out. Meanwhile, watch all the “SFC 7: Eight Limbs” bouts here: