Scott Farrell: Ringstar’s Michael Dasmarinas has much power, good chin

Michael Dasmarinas, Kenny Demecillo, Reymond Yanong, Rey Caitom, Lorenz Michael Romarante

One of the young Filipino boxers continuing the legacy of boxing legend Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao, 40, of General Santos City, Philippines is Michael “Gloves on Fire” Dasmarinas, 26, of Pili, Camarines Sur, Philippines. The latter is currently signed with Ringstar Boxing, a Singapore-based sports management and boxing promotions outfit founded by Scott Farrell.

“The world is starting to know that Michael ‘Gloves on Fire’ Dasmarinas does have a lot of power and a good chin,” Farrell stated. “As a fighter, Michael has shown that he is vulnerable against a busy fighter but that’s the only real hard criticism I have about him.”

“In the past, he hasn’t been recognized or celebrated as much as the other world champions from the Philippines, and often overlooked,” Farrell continued. “But now, that he is with Ringstar, this is changing rapidly, and Michael and his fights are receiving global interest.”

“I truly believe Michael has the talent to go all the way,” the Ringstar Boxing CEO added. “But he needs to focus more on his craft and improve another 1000 percent if he is truly going to be a world-renowned great fighter.”

Holding a professional boxing record of 28 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw, Dasmarinas will co-headline “Ridhwan Ambunda II-The Rematch” on March 29, 2019 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang, Singapore. He and Kenny “Big Heart” Demecillo, 26, of Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines, who has 14 wins, 4 losses and 2 draws, will compete for an International Boxing Federation world title eliminator fight.

Speaking about the upcoming bout between Dasmarinas and Demecillo in Singapore, Farrell said the first word that springs to mind is tough. The Ringstar Boxing CEO said, “This fight for the IBF number one spot and a chance to face the IBF world champion is going to be one very tough fight for both Michael and Kenny.”

“Michael will need to hurt Kenny early in my opinion or it could be a very painful night for the ‘Gloves on Fire’ power puncher,” Farrell shared. “However, Michael is in this position for a reason. He needs to prove to everyone that he belongs in the top world rankings and that he deserves a shot at the title.”

“As for Kenny, from what I have researched, he is absolutely brave, relentless, and can take plenty of hard shots,” Farrell said of Dasmarinas’s opponent. “He has some great combinations, and if he sticks to his game plan and doesn’t get caught, he could end up winning the fight.”

Three more Filipino boxers are on the “Ridhwan Ambunda II-The Rematch” card namely Reymond Yanong, 25, Rey “The Future” Caitom, 32, and Lorenz Michael “Magic Mike” Romarante, 26. Tickets, which range from $38-$118 and go on sale February 1, 2019 on Sports Hub.

Meanwhile, watch one of Dasmarinas’s previous Ringstar Boxing bouts here:

Ringstar presents Muhamad Ridhwan vs Paulus Ambunda rematch for WBC belt in Singapore

Muhamad Ridhwan, Paulus Ambunda

On January 14, 2019, Singapore-based sports media and entertainment company Ringstar Boxing announced 12 featured fights for its first show of 2019 happening on March 29, 2019 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The main event will feature the much anticipated rematch between Muhamad “The Chosen Wan” Ridhwan of Singapore and Paulus “The Rock” Ambunda of Namibia for the World Boxing Council Silver Featherweight title.

One of the co-main events is a battle between two Filipino boxers. International Boxing Organization Bantamweight Champion Michael “Gloves On Fire” Dasmarinas will face Kenny “Big Heart” Demecillo for the IBF World Title Eliminator.

Another co-main event is a contest for WBC Asia Super Featherweight title. Nort Beauchamp of Thailand and New Zealand will face Defry Palulu of Indonesia for the title.

There will be four 4-round bouts in the undercard including a women’s match. Efasha Kamarudin of Singapore will face Febryanti Lubin of Indonesia.

This will be the sixth event of Ringstar since 2017 and the first of three shows in Singapore in 2019 with others slated for July 2019 and December 2019. The promotion’s fourth show is planned for Malaysia in October 2019.

For the event headlined by Ridhwan and Ambunda on March 29, 2019, fans will be treated to the most impressive array of up-and-coming boxers from Asia-Pacific, all matched up with the Ringstar credo in mind: 50/50, competitive boxing matches with integrity, designed to excite fans around the world. This is a key step in establishing the company as one of Asia’s fastest growing sports media properties.

Meanwhile, here is a clip featuring Ridhwan:

Tickets range from $38 – $118 and go on sale January 18, 2019 at Ambunda. VIP ringside sofa seats are at $1,888 comes with uninterrupted views of the ring and a personalized butler service with free flow drinks.

Early Bird discounts of 30 percent off all tickets till February 28, 2019 with promo code “Ringstar.” All fights will be broadcast live globally with more details to be announced soon. 

Scott Farrell explains how UFC inspires Ringstar Boxing

Scott Patrick Farrell
Scott Patrick Farrell

Boxing has been in Scott Patrick Farrell’s heart since he was a little kid in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, England. Fate eventually brought him to Asia where he established Ringstar Boxing, a boxing promotion headquartered in Singapore

As a leader in the sports industry, Farrell looks up to the American mixed martial arts promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship. He wants Ringstar Boxing to do in boxing what the UFC did in MMA.

“You gotta have 100 percent belief in yourself and your vision,” Farrell stated. “The reason so many fail is they are not committed. They only see what’s in front of them at that moment in time.”

“From the very beginning, I have visualized my promotion to be valued in the billions even before I knew what I would name it,” Farrell added. “I have never doubted my ability as a man to bring the great sport of boxing to every home in Asia. I will bring the great fights people want to see, good 50-50 matchmaking where the fights are important and the titles mean something again.”

MMA has seemed to get bigger and bigger with countless promotions springing up all over the world. Farrell was not blind to this trend but outside of one particular MMA promotion, he has never been much of a believer that the trend will outlast a historic sport such as boxing.

“(The) UFC (has) amazing branding and some even greater fights and just very smart people that saw a real opportunity and maximized it,” Farrell said. “Any other MMA promotion is a very poor second place in my opinion.”

In MMA, there are two promotions that come to mind when it comes to the top list of the best after the UFC. These are ONE Championship and Bellator MMA.

“There are so many strengths in boxing,” Farrell said. “I ask you, how many heroes of MMA have the same appeal as (Muhammad) Ali, (George) Foreman or (Joe) Frazier? In fact, are they even called heroes or worthy of that label?”

At this point, Farrell has five successful promotions already under his belt. He knows his journey to boxing greatness in Asia and the world is just beginning but he likes what he has seen so far.

The Ringstar Boxing CEO admitted that he has lost everything more than once in his life and while he is not perfect, he tries to improve on who he is every day. He said, “The only thing in my whole life that has never left me, or have I lost, is my love for boxing and its love for me in return.”

“We are already a global broadcast and I haven’t even really started yet,” Farrell declared. “Just watch out in 2019 as this is where I will make my mark.”

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Ringstar Boxing CEO Scott Farrell shares childhood memories in Nottinghamshire, bullying experience

Scott Patrick Farrell
Scott Patrick Farrell

For Ringstar Boxing founder and CEO Scott Patrick Farrell, the tough life of his youth informs and infuses everything he is about today. In the 1970s, he was a young boy on the grey and grim streets of Hucknall, a small mining town in the county of Nottinghamshire, England.

“You had three choices in my neighborhood,” Farrell recalled. “Glue sniffing, being bullied or fighting. I was bullied quite bad as a kid.”

“I had ginger hair, freckles and was from an Irish family background,” the Ringstar Boxing founder added. “The 1970s were quite tough growing up, especially on the council estates where you regularly had to fight just to get home from school. I chose after being beaten on most occasions to learn how to fight.”

Like many boxing fans, Farrell learned to love the sweet science by watching fights at the side of his father. He shared, “My first memory of boxing is watching with my dad one Saturday afternoon on a black and white TV.”

“All you could see was the two pugilists in the ring surrounded by a cigarette smoking audience and some awful commentary,” Farrell continued. “However, I was hooked and just needed to know more. My dad loved boxing and was quite a tough guy himself, all the big fights that we could see we would watch together or if there was a local fight happening around Nottingham we would go along and support.”

Farrell would eventually end up a half a world away in Singapore and China. He started a family, got into business, and had plenty of ups and an equal amount of downs.

But the pugilism itch never left the man who learned to love boxing at an early age. He thought Asia was home to many great fighters but nobody has tried to tie them all together into one promotion.

The Hucknall native did not want to start just any promotion based solely around hype. For him, the fights had to be really good with quality fighters engaged in strong matchups and great story lines so in October 2016, Ringstar Boxing was born.

As one of the number one boxing sports media property in Asia, Ringstar Boxing has now reached an overwhelming broadcast footprint of over a potential billion viewers across the globe. Among its broadcast partners are FIGHT SPORTS, ESPN TV5 Philippines, MediaCorp Okto, Astro Malaysia and FTA channel for delayed broadcast.

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