Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup 2019 winners: Jakob Sablaya, Marco Ventinilla, Chino Hung

Chino Hung, Jakob Sablaya, Marco Ventinilla
Chino Hung, Jakob Sablaya, Marco Ventinilla

A tough yet challenging wet race welcomed the competing racers during the Round 4 of Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup 2019 at the Clark International Speedway at the Clark Freeport Zone in Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines from August 3-4, 2019. In the end, Alfred Jakob Sablaya, Carl James “Chino” Hung and Marco Ventinilla emerged as the winners.

Qualifying Round

Despite the downpour, the riders was able to cautiously make their best time using their CBR150R. Ventinilla (Rider #09) rose up and came back at the 3rd Place of the grid while Travhys Paralejas (Rider #05) in 4th with a 0.542 seconds difference with each other. Hung (Rider #06), on the other hand, secured  2nd Place on the grid as he failed to steal the Pole Position from Sablaya (Rider #01).

Race 1

At the start of the race, the riders at the front row dominated the round, but it was Travhys Paralejas (Rider #05) who managed to slice in the front pack and able to battle with Chino Hung (Rider #06)and Jakob Sablaya (Rider #01). At the peak of this race, an interesting result emerged as Travhys Paralejas (Rider #05) grabbed the 1st Place followed by Hung (Rider #06) from Jakob Sablaya (Rider #01), who slide off. Although Paralejas (Rider #05) was able to take the lead, but he was not able to maintain and slide off as well, making Hung (Rider #06) the victor of Race 1, despite a 10 sec. penalty due to a jumpstart at the beginning of the race.

Sablaya (Rider #01) came in 2nd place after regaining his composure inside the race track from a minor crash and able to manage to overtake 7 riders in the race. Ventinilla (Rider #09), meanwhile, maintained his post at the 3rd spot due to his consistency in his performance.

Race 2

A defining round urged Ventinilla (Rider #09) to give his best as he raced head-to-head with Kokoy Mangibin (Rider #09) to claim the 3rd spot on a 0.05-second difference.  Meanwhile, Hung (Rider #06)  challenged leading racer Sablaya (Rider #01) in the whole 6 lap round as he was trying to make his attack following Sablaya from behind, but his gap was not enough to take the win as he finished 2nd Place with a 0.039-second difference only from Sablaya (Rider #01).

To sum up the results of Round 4, a defined comeback win was established by Hung and Ventinilla as they finished 2nd Place and 3rd Place, while Sablaya remains the number one contender of the Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup 2019.

Meanwhile, all riders exhibited an impressive race despite the wet race track. This situation also showcased how talented these young riders are, as well as their capability to make the race even more exciting.

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bike helmet
bike helmet

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Honda PH begins 2019 racing season with Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup try-out

Honda Philippines
Honda Philippines

Clark, Pampanga—February 2, 2019—Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI), the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the country, officially begins its 2019 Motorsports season by conducting the Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup (HPDC) Tryouts on January 26, 2019 at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga, Philippines. This served as the official selection process for nine talented young riders who will participate in the official races and undergo training in the Honda Racing Clinic.

HPDC is a Motor Sports program of HPI which aims to develop young riders in motorcycle racing using a specific one make race machine, namely the CBR150R – a 150cc, MotoGP DNA motorcycle.

The HPDC is also a step up program of HPI to young riders to qualify for international race programs of Honda and immerse in different environments to become better equipped for competitions.

Several riders registered as the day began, and the program was officially opened by HPI’s Adviser for Motorsports, Mr. Ryosuke Arai. Then Mr. Gilbert Sison, Group Head for Motorsports, welcomed the esteemed judges tasked to select the riders, namely racing coach Joey Rivero and Troy Alberto, international racer and HPI’s representative in Thai Talent Cup and Asia Talent Cup last 2018. They also oriented the participants on the try-out process and session inside the 4.2 km Race Track. Also present in the event is Mr. Eduardo Lumague, president– Unified Sports and Racing Association (USRA).

Riders of the ages twelve to seventeen were qualified to participate in the program to pursue their passion of racing and hone their skills through the Honda Racing Clinic, which will be taught by Joey Rivero himself.

At 10AM, sessions on the track began, with four sessions held in total and a Final Shoot out at the end. Riders showcased their skills and were evaluated by Rivero, Alberto, and Sison. Finally, nine riders and one reserve were able to qualify for HPDC, which are the following:

  • Carl James “Chino” P. Hung
  • Kurt Tristan “Ostong” Villanueva
  • Michael Nicol D. Lee
  • Christopher John “Kokoy” Mangibin
  • Sean Andrej Ondillo
  • Marco Gil D. Ventenilla
  • Joshua Gabriel S. De Leon
  • Travhys Ivan Joe Paralejas
  • Alfred Jakob Sablaya

Familiar names such as reigning HPDC champion Alfred Jakob Sablaya and strong contender Sean Andrej Ondillo rejoins the competition, to be challenged by several new and promising talents.

With this, HPI looks forward to the upcoming HPDC Rounds with the young riders along with the accompanying Racing Clinic. Here is the schedule:




Honda Racing Clinic 1 Apr. 27 Batangas Racing Circuit
Round 1 May 4-5 Batangas Racing Circuit
Round 2 Jun. 1-2 Batangas Racing Circuit
Honda Racing Clinic 2 Jun. 29 Batangas Racing Circuit
Round 3 Jul. 6-7 Clark International Speedway
Round 4 Aug. 3-4 Clark International Speedway
Honda Racing Clinic 3 Aug. 31 Batangas Racing Circuit
Round 5 Sep 7-8 Batangas Racing Circuit
Round 6 Oct 5-6 Clark International Speedway

The HPDC is running in the same schedule with the National Motorcycle Circuit Racing Championship and is sanctioned by Unified Sports and Racing Association (USRA).

For more information, follow Honda Philippines, Inc. on Facebook – or visit their official website –

Honda confirms direction for motorcycle road racing in Asia & Oceania

Honda Group of Companies in Asia & Oceania
Honda Group of Companies in Asia & Oceania

[PRESS RELEASE] Manila, Philippines, 11 December 2018 – The Honda Group of Companies in Asia & Oceania reinforced their commitment to strengthen Honda’s involvement in motorcycle motorsports in the Asia & Oceania region at a media briefing following the qualifying day at the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) at Buriram International Circuit, Thailand.

Representing Honda were Mr. Soichi Yamana, Department Manager of Motorcycle Department, Motorsports Division, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.; Mr. Atsushi Ogata, Director of Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd.; Mr. Ryo Takahashi, General Manager of Motorcycle Business Division, Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd.; and Mr. Makoto Tamada, Team Manager of the Honda Asia-Dream Racing.

At the event, Honda confirmed it will pursue the challenges of motorcycle road racing in the region with an aim to develop world-class motorcycle riders and team mechanics from Asia. To achieve this goal, Honda is committed to creating a motorsport culture as well as developing the skills of racers and team mechanics throughout Asia.

In line with this commitment, Honda’s motorcycle subsidiaries in Asia including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India have been following the regional direction in their operations through a variety of motorsports activities such as establishing the Honda racing school, forming their own road racing teams, organizing local Honda one-make races, and competing in local, national and international races.

Honda’s young riders and team mechanics continue to broaden their experience and improve their skills through intensive training and by competing in various races for local and national championships. The most promising stars will move up to greater challenges by joining Honda’s racing team for international races namely the ARRC. Outstanding riders and mechanics from Honda’s Asian teams will ultimately have a chance to join Honda’s racing teams for world-class races.

At the briefing, Honda also provided an update on its teams that are participating in the 2018 ARRC. Currently, Honda teams from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India are competing in the Underbone 150cc (UB150), Asia Production 250cc (AP250), and Supersport 600cc (SS600) classes. They have achieved impressive results, especially in the AP250 class, in which Honda rider Rheza Danica of the Astra Honda Racing Team from Indonesia is set to take the 2018 AP250 rider championship.

Honda also confirmed its participation in the inaugural Asia Superbike1000cc class (ASB1000) at the 2019 ARRC with Honda Asia-Dream Racing, a team for which top personnel from Honda subsidiaries and Honda racing teams across the Asia & Oceania region are being recruited. Former MotoGP racer Makoto Tamada was confirmed as team manager and Zaqhwan Zaidi from Malaysia as team rider. This year, the team finished in 17th place in the Japan Superbike 1000cc class (JSB1000) at the 2018 All-Japan Road Race Championship (JSB) and took 7th place in the Suzuka 8-hour Endurance Race. In 2019, Honda Asia-Dream Racing will continue to participate in both championships, challenging itself to perform better and finish in higher positions.

With the collaboration of team members from Honda companies throughout the Asia & Oceania region, Honda will strive to deliver the best race results to realize the dream of having a Honda team and riders become a challenger in world-class motorcycle racing.